Digestive Issues

When it comes to explain how important our digestive health is, two quotes from Hippocrates, who is often viewed as the father of medicine come to mind:

“Death sits in the bowels”

“Bad digestion is the root of all evil”

Hippocrates 400BC

That may sounds dramatic but we have now recognised the role of the digestive track in maintaining a good health and in contributing to various diseases, poor mental health and ageing.

This long 25-feet long tube spanning our mouth to the anus is not merely a tube to bring food to our organism. It is an organ which fulfils many important functions, host to our gut microbiome, a large group of many different types of bacteria, 100 trillions of them, which is many more than our own cells number. The gut microbiome is important for digestion, for nutrition, for making vitamins, for detoxification and for helping our immune system to differentiate between a foreign entity and the self. That’s key to a healthy immune system.

We need to take care to our digestive track, by eating the right foods, providing pre and probiotics and avoiding some toxic substances from our environment that can damage our gut lining. Restoring a healthy digestive track is the foundation to better health.

We have access to a range of laboratory test to assess a person’s digestive health. Such tests can assist in diagnosing a potential inflammatory problem, yeast and bacterial dysbiosis, a parasitic infection or digestive issue.

You can read more about these tests here: https://www.lauristonlabs.co.uk/product-category/test-kits/stool-tests/

Following a diagnostic assessment we will guide you step by step to restore a better digestive health.

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