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We provide full assessment of the physical and social contexts which may contribute to developmental difficulties and the occurrence of behaviours that challenge. Our focus is to identify a set of valid intervention strategies to improve the quality of life outcomes for both the person with disability and their parents.

AT Plus can provide assistance with diagnosis, provide a better understanding of the person’s condition and provide a suitable response targeting the root causes of potential health ailments. We can also provide some assistance with social communication and behavioural needs of individuals wherever their communication abilities and level of functioning.

ATPlus is recognised for its ability to identify a set of unique person-centered solutions and to apply valid and meaningful evidence-based assessments to guide intervention.

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What is Autism and ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders)?

As you are undoubtedly aware, the cost of autism, both human and financial is enormous. The rate of ASD has continued to rise for more than two decades, now affecting one child in 36 in the USA and 1 in 64 in the UK. The increased rates can no longer be attributed to better recognition, and current scientific evidence demonstrates that ASD is medical in nature and treatable.

Tragically, as headlines and the lived experience of thousands of families will attest, the medical needs of this population are often overlooked, misunderstood, or actively ignored. A paradigm shift is currently taking place in the scientific and medical community, offering greater potentials for intervention. This message needs to be shared with families of children with ASD, teachers, health workers, government officials and all tax payers in the UK: the new paradigm of autism as a treatable condition offers tens of thousands of people a better chance for an improved quality of life.

Click here for a copy of the scientific review written by Thinking Autism,  ESPA, Dr R Sala and Autism Treatment Plus.

Sala R, Amet L, Blagojevic-Stokic N, Shattock P, Whiteley P. Bridging the Gap Between Physical Health and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Neuropsychiatr Dis Treat. 2020;16:1605-1618. Published 2020 Jun 30. doi:10.2147/NDT.S251394

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We offer a way to understand what lies behind the symptoms of autism, what affects the child in his or her development and what can we do about this.