Autism Spectrum Disorders

We provide full assessment of the physical and social contexts which may contribute to developmental difficulties and the occurrence of behaviours that challenge. Our focus is to identify a set of valid intervention strategies to improve the quality of life outcomes for both the person with disability and their parents.

AT Plus can provide assistance with diagnosis, provide a better understanding of the person’s condition and provide a suitable response targeting the root causes of potential health ailments. We can also provide some assistance with social communication and behavioural needs of individuals wherever their communication abilities and level of functioning.

ATPlus is recognised for its ability to identify a set of unique person-centered solutions and to apply valid and meaningful evidence-based assessments to guide intervention.

Autism is neurodevelopmental conditions that affect the child’s ability to relate to others and the world around them. This diagnostic label does not tell us why your child is experiencing these difficulties. Why is your child constantly fidgety, why cannot he attend to instructions? Why does he or she show little interest for others? Why do you see so many behavioural outbursts? Why does he or she needs to be engaged in limited repetitive and sensory behaviours?

These are the questions we aim to answer. The answers will not come from knowing about the diagnosis of Autism or ADHD, they will come from providing a full assessment of the child’s health.

Is she experiencing some food intolerances or allergies?
Does his gut affected causing him to have attention issues and behavioural outburst?
Is she lack in essential nutrients?
Does he have any form of inflammation that could affect his brain functioning?
Does she has some infection issues, viral or bacterial, or parasitic?
Is there any metabolic issue?
Is there any genetic susceptibilities or genetic condition underlying these developmental difficulties ?

The programme I propose unfolds in 4 milestones:

Milestone 1: In a consultation we assess your child’s current situation, developmental history, diet, clinical presentation, the issues you face with any challenging behaviours, the child’s communication needs.

Milestone 2: We provide access to biomedical testing. We can provide a very comprehensive range of tests, all of which can initiated in the comfort of your home. Samples are sent to reputable labs for analysis. We use labs in the US, UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland.

Milestone 3: We initiate the first stage of restoring greater health with an initial focus on the diet. Our role is not so much to tell you what to feed your child, though we would do this, but we will tell you how to do this. The difficulty with self-restricted diet and sensory issues is for the child to accept a broad balanced healthy diet. We will assist you, one step at a time to achieve this goal.

Milestone 4: We implement gradually a full nutritional support to address all your child’s needs.

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