At AT+ we have seen over 1000 children and adults with autism. More than 80% of them have a gut and/or immune impairment. Nutritional deficiencies and toxicities are also common. These health problems are treatable and when a treatment is provided, tailored to the child’s needs, improvements are seen in the person’s health, wellbeing, social communication skills and behaviour.

In a survey of 220 families, 96% of the families samples reported a positive outcome to the recommended dietary nutritional approach. The changes reported were for 24% of cases rated as life changing, 53% as very beneficial and 19% as mildly beneficial. Only 4% of the families reported no benefit. No family reported any negative response. You can read below some of the testimonies we have received. We welcome other families to share their own stories here.

"My son has autism and we have been treating him biomedically for four years. I have been working with Dr Lorene Amet of the Autism Treatment Trust in Edinburgh who has dealt with all his health issues (all privately funded by us) and he is improved to the point of probably losing the diagnosis soon".
"Three wonderful things happened with April this morning. First she said, “Mummy can I hug you tight?” while I was getting her ready for school. Second, she touched a dog for the first time. She was attacked by a dog several months ago and has been traumatised since then. Third, she walked hand in hand happily with another child while talking on the walk to school. I see small steps of progress from her everyday”.
"We have seen great progress across the board but especially in Awareness & Interaction. We are seeing Ava interacting more with everyone and it is obvious that she is enjoy company. She is full of love more then ever, hugs kisses completely affectionate."

Ava’s grandma has recently passed away & Ava was very close to her, this was such a worry for us, we were worried that she wouldn’t be able to grieve properly however when we sat down with her and told her” Nana is gone to heaven & she is with the angels” to our surprise she broke down crying saying ” No” we couldn’t believe was such a relief to know she did understand & be able to grieve somewhat naturally. She asks about Nana everyday & now she says ” Nana is in heaven with the angels”. 

Ava seems like her personality has exploded, she is full of personality, she completely gets when I joke with her and she loves it. She initiates interaction & play. She is so eager to talk more then ever & is making great efforts to converse with us. She seems more curious and is asking questions. Ava has improved with carrying out tasks, when asked to do something she immediately does it. She is much more aware of people around her & is more engaging with them. She is requesting to do things & go places. She is also more accepting when I say we will do her request  later. She has started waving goodbye & asking for kiss when she is leaving on school bus which she never did before. I have even noticed a difference in her movements ie dancing so much more fluid & graceful.

Her singing is also really in tune with lots of tone variation. This is an email from Ava’s teacher. 

I am delighted with the progress Ava has made since we returned in September. will detail some of the progress we have witnessed here and I will send home a copy of her IEP targets in due course. Ava will sit and attend to academic work for longer periods of time at any one time (for instance she was only sitting for 10 minutes at a time last year, now she will work continuously for 15-20 mins at a time. She is learning at 1st class level in maths and a 1st class level in literacy. Her reading and handwriting are improving. Ava is using more words to identify needs and wants Ava is following a consistent visual schedule in school and is responding extremely well to it. She knows what is happening each day and she knows what is expected of her. We are still working on toileting and alerting us to when she needs to use the toilet. we are consistently using toileting cards/social story to help us with this Ava will drink the mini bottles of water in school but is  reluctant to drink from the beaker.

We are using a very visual social story to decrease Ava’s tendency to bite her hand when she becomes overwhelmed/excited. 

A huge progress we have seen this year is Ava is willingness to leave the school with the class on class outings- e.g. going on nature walks/swimming/to the park/post office etc…She simply would not leave the school last year so this is a huge breakthrough.

Since Ava was granted a one/one SNA, she has come on leaps and bounds. Having someone there to keep things consistent in terms of schedules and toilet breaks has made a huge difference to Ava. She is engaging in all class activities to the best of her abilities. She is content and happy in school and is an integral part of our Outreach class. Her peers are very fond of her and although Ava doesn’t openly show affection for her peers, she is very aware if they are not present and doesn’t like them to be upset.  The IEP targets that I will send home will detail the Learning Targets that I hope to achieve with Ava this academic year”

Andrea, Ava’s mum January 2019. 

"We have been seeing Dr Amet for 1 year and half now for our autistic son Souleyman who has just turned 4 yo. We have seen a huge improvement in the past months. As my English is not good (I am a native French speaker), I will simply post his nursery's feedback that I have received today. "Souleyman has memorised the names on our children’s name cards. I show them to him and he recognises the pattern of the letters and says who they are. It’s also fantastic that he is now really keen to draw people with happy and sad expressions. He is also making great attempts to trace his own name. Fantastic start back at nursery. Souleyman is also engaging with his peers, has more eye contact and chats with them."

Please share your child’s story and how he/she has progressed following the advice received by AT+. Thank you for your testimonial.