Laboratory Testing

More about Laboratory Testing

Autism Treatment Plus has partnered with laboratories in the UK and abroad to provide a range of testing tailored to the needs of individuals with autism.

These laboratories include: Doctor’s Data, Great Plains Laboratory and Genova Diagnostics in the US, Syn-Lab and Red Laboratories in Belgium, Laboratoires Reunis in Luxembourg, BioLabs and The Doctor’s Laboratory in the UK.

The tests we may recommend for your child will depend on his/her clinical symptoms as well as developmental history and the reviewing of earlier laboratory tests when available. The typical profile of the tests recommended to initiate a programme is called Basic Autism Profile and is detailed below. Please note that it is not needed to proceed with all these tests together at the same time and not all the tests may be recommended for your child. We also typically write to the child’s GP to ask for some of the blood tests to be carried out on the NHS. This reduces the range of blood tests to be carried out privately, the blood tests available on the NHS are listed below (*marked with an asterix).

More about the tests we carry here:

Contact us if you have any query regarding any particular test.